What We Do

Fast and accurate

We understand the value is in the process. We are a dynamic and agile company with a wealth of collective experience. From boots-on-the-ground planning to accurate data and quick responsiveness, we will save you time every step of the way while delivering with precision, every time.

Broad range

We provide a full range of engineering services, including outside plant engineering, design, permitting and personnel. We feature geospatially correct information to save you time and money. You choose what you need and our team will provide the resources.

Any pace/process

We handle both service contracts (ongoing, maintenance, project management) and full projects (finite, single projects) in any one or a combination of services you may need.

Outside and Inside Plant Services

  • Makeready Engineering NESC and GO95
  • Outside Plant Engineering
  • NESC Compliance Audits
  • Fiber Splice and Panel Audits
  • Site Surveys and Estimating
  • Building Surveys
  • As-Built Documentation
  • Physical Infrastructure Risk Assessment

GIS and CAD Design Services

  • Mobile Geospatial Data Acquisition
  • GIS Based Documentation and Auditing
  • Fiber, RF HFC, and FTTP Design
  • Parcel and ROW Basemapping
  • Traffic Control Design
  • Site Detail

Permit Services

  • ROW Permit Acquisition
  • Pole Attachment Permit
  • Pole Loading Analysis
  • Easement Acquisition

Personnel Services

  • Owner Inspection and Approval
  • Project Managers
  • Construction Coordinators
  • Permitting Specialists
  • Inspectors

Industries We Serve




Land Management

Public Safety

Local Government

ADA Compliance

Geospatial Survey

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